Add real time automotive market data to your apps with the CIS API

Our flexible API provides a lot of usefull data, so you may be wondering where to start. Below are some examples of what we or our customers have done with our API. If you are just getting started with our API, the Quick Start Guide is available here.


Vehicle Valuations in a Crazy Used Car Market

Here we use our valuation endpoint to quickly look at the historical pricing mileage relationship and examine how that relationship has drastically changed since mid 2020. With the rapid rise in used vehicle pricing in 2021 we're even able to show conditions where the average buyer could have bought a car, driven it for 45k miles, and then ended up with a higher priced vehicle.

2017 Toyota Camry Average Used Price vs Average Mileage
Texas, Jan 2017 - Oct 2021 Graph of ask price vs mileage for Toyota Camrys in Texas. Jan 2017 - Oct 2021

Add Car Sales Data to your App Without Changing Your Backend (Or Even Having A Backend)

Here we use our SubUser API Keys which allow for embedding our automtoive data into front end web applications as simple as a static HTML page. The SubUser Keys remove the requirement of a backend to proxy requests and manage sessions to our API. This lets you use our data by just embedding a little javascript in your website to provide convenient API bindings.

Try out our Dashboard Demo.

  Graph showing distribution of Used Acura ILX vehicles by model year

Analyzing Competing Dealerships

Here we examine how long three different Toyota dealers in Southern California take to sell their vehicles. We see how pricing and location can affect how long a vehicle sits on a dealer's lot and eats into their floorplan. Different pricing strategies quickly become appearant when we look deeper at Prius Prime sales rates at the three dealers. This type of analysis is easy to expand to large geographic areas and specific dealers of interest.

Prius, Camry, and Tacoma days to sell in Southern California by dealer
Lower is Better
Prius, Camry, Tacoma days to sell in Southern California by dealer
Prius, Camry, Tacoma days to sell in Southern California by dealer

Analyzing Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Market Share

Here we take a look at the availability of new hybrid and electric vehicles between 2018-2020. Recent announcements from major economies like the UK, Japan, and California significantly moved up their targets for phasing out new gasoline powered vehicles. We'll see how Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet have chosen to handle the transition to more renewable and sustainable vehicles.

Chevrolet New Inventory Makeup in Washington State by Fuel Type. 2018-2020 Chevrolet's switch from hybrid vehicles to electric vehicles in Washington State 2018-2020

Searching Dealership Inventories for the Best Priced Cars Near You

Here we show how easy it is to search all dealership inventories in a region to look for cars that could be great buys. In the end, we're able to find 100 used Camrys in Southern California corresponding to the best 3% of deals with an average savings of $2,871.16.

Scatterplot showing used 2018 Camry distribution by price and mileage in Southern California

Vin Decoding and Vehicle Recalls

In this example we explain what a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is and show how to use our decodeVin endpoint to decode a VIN and retrieve recall information about a vehicle with just one API call.

Diagram showing the components of VIN 1G1JD6SH9J4126861

Recovering Stolen Vehicles

In this example we show how an insurance company or police department might use our API to help them recover stolen vehicles in a cost effective way. This example takes advantage of our vehicle history endpoint to search over 420M vehicles for ones that have re-entered the market after a specific date.

Blue car getting towed. Alternitively, Dude where's my car?

Creating SRP Widgets

In this example we show how to use our API data to power Search Result Page (SRP) widgets that reassure the customer a vehicle is a good deal, or to create a sense of urgency in the buying process.

Below are two widgets created for this use case.


Exploring Vehicle Pricing

In this example one of our users on RapidAPI shows how they used our API to highlight pricing disparities between dealer's ask prices and the prices cars actually sold at. This example has an additional github repository with the ruby code used.