Example use cases of the CIS Automotive API

Our flexible API provides a lot of usefull data, so you may be wondering where to start. Below are some examples of what we or our customers have done with our API. If you are just getting started with our API, the Quick Start Guide is available here


Vin Decoding and Vehicle Recalls

In this example we explain what a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is and show how to use our decodeVin endpoint to decode a VIN and retrieve recall information about a vehicle with just one API call.

Diagram showing the components of VIN 1G1JD6SH9J4126861

Recovering Stolen Vehicles

In this example we show how an insurance company or police department might use our API to help them recover stolen vehicles in a cost effective way. This example takes advantage of our vehicle history endpoint to search over 420M vehicles for ones that have re-entered the market after a specific date.

Blue car getting towed. Alternitively, Dude where's my car?

Creating SRP Widgets

In this example we show how to use our API data to power Search Result Page (SRP) widgets that reassure the customer a vehicle is a good deal, or to create a sense of urgency in the buying process.

Below are two widgets created for this use case.


Exploring Vehicle Pricing

In this example one of our users on RapidAPI shows how they used our API to highlight pricing disparities between dealer's ask prices and the prices cars actually sold at. This example has an additional github repository with the ruby code used.