CIS Automotive API Frontend Demo

A simple dashboard demonstration with no backend.

All widgets dynamically load data from the the CIS Automotive API and update in real time using our new Front End deployable subuser API Keys. These subuser keys let you easily include our rich automotive data into your websites or wordpress plugins with just a little javascript.

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New ${activeModel} average sale price in ${activeRegion}.
New ${activeModel} sale price stdDev in ${activeRegion}.
New ${activeModel} Average Days Supply in ${activeRegion}.
New ${activeBrand} Market Share in ${activeRegion} by total vehicle sales.
${activeCond} ${activeBrand} ${activeModel} sales price histogram in: ${activeRegion}. Percent of ${activeModel} sales grouped by $1000.
Used ${activeModel} Distribution By Model Year
About This Dashboard

This dashboard is a real time demo of the CIS Automotive API populated with live market data. This page is a static html document that can be served by any webserver without special considerations. You can start including our rich automotive data to your site or wordpress plugin with just a little javascript.

Our front end API keys eliminate the need for backend infrastructure to proxy API requests and help lighten your server load. We use a simple javascript library and our new front end subuser API keys to bring this bootstrap template to life. You can pull data from any of our dozens of API endpoints.

These API keys are restricted to requests from your domain and limited to specific endpoints that you specify. You can revoke SubUser API keys at any time.

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About Our API

The CIS Automotive API provides real time sales and market data on the US Automotive Market. Our database covers 40 thousand dealerships and over 725 million vehicles with dozens of API endpoints for easy access to our data.

Our database is constantly expanding with hundreds of thousands of more vehicles added every day.

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